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Happy Birthday Dr. Williams!

Did you know Dr. William's birthday is November 18th! Don't forget to sing her Happy Birthday next time you see her!

Dr. Paige Williams is a graduate from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, where she also earned a Masters degree in Animal Science. Dr. Williams is from Hephzibah, GA, where she grew up riding and training horses on her family's farm. Prior to vet school, she actively competed in both Western and English disciplines at the state and regional level and has won a few AQHA all-around awards. Dr. Williams has three cats in addition to her two young geldings, Hugo and Ozzie, that aspire to be reiners when they grow up. So, keep an eye out for "Gunnin for Dolls" and "Slideoutamywranglers”! Outside of her equine activities, Dr. Williams enjoys reading, watching movies, gardening, and has a new found love of kayaking. She is thrilled to be a part of CBE! Her professional interests include lameness, emergency medicine, and dentistry.

Dr. Williams is starting her training for Chiropractic Certification for dogs and horses this fall! She is excited to begin offering this service to CBE Clients in the spring.

Also keep a close eye out for Hugo on our website and Facebook page.... he's most recently starred as the model in our Dental Discount promotional flyers!

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