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COVID-19 Covered Bridge Equine Update

At this time Covered Bridge Equine is still seeing regularly scheduled appointments while doing our best to practice social distancing. We will be asking to keep people at appointments to an absolute minimum (1 handler/owner and our staff). We will also be asking clients not to visit our office, but to call ahead if they need to make a payment or have medications refilled. Please make our office aware if you or anyone in your family or barn family is exhibiting symptoms or ill.

If you would like to not be present at your appointment for distance we will do our best to accommodate that by scheduling or rescheduling your doctor with our technician. Communication is key! As the situation changes we may need to limit our office hours and service offerings to emergency only and will notify everyone of what that will look like in the event your animal needs to be seen.

Thank you for doing your part to mitigate the spread of disease as we try our best to do ours.

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